Sunday 9 November 2014


Have you ever thought about the reasons for overshopping?

In the past few years i have seen a very drastic change in myself in terms of shopping. Offcourse clothing and fashion has been an integral part of my life since I started to understand what fashion is all about.
I used to think I shopped because I loved clothes and fashion, but I’ve come to understand there is a lot more to it than that.  Many psychologist have proven that being a compulsive shopaholic can go much deeper than just a passion for style.
According to me these could be some of the reasons for overshopping…..


I think we all go through this phase of depression at some point of time in our lives. And you want to just sit with the feeling of sad and being unhappy. At this point of time if you land up shopping, yes it will definitely help to uplift the mood, at least temporarily. In fact it send the person to an altered state of mind not unlike the high one gets from alchohol or any other drugs. And in this high we tend to overshop without thinking if what we nought is really our necessity.


Despite of a growth in social media and many other ways to be connected with your friends and family, many of us suffer from loneliness and lack of connection. It is a feeling of being left alone within a huge crowd. And shopping can be the best friend to fight against this loneliness, when you visit you mall you tend to see a lot of people around you. The friendly sales team is at your service to help you look better and make you feel less lonely. And this nice gesture of those sales people can lead you to shop things which are not required and not in your wishlist at that moment of time.


This is my personal experience, when I don’t have a lot going in my life, I find myself taking small trips to the nearby malls. Its like a crime to even log on to the internet in such times, as the e-commerce websites have such lucrative offers which are just irresistible and you again land up shopping for no reason.

Low Self-Esteem / Insecurity

Most of the people around struggle with the low self-esteem and feeling of not being “good enough like XXX”
In order to look better, we try wearing different styles and cuts. We try the brands which are bought by your friends and families, in this bargain we land up buying clothes which are not required and not necessary.
As every dressing you tend to receive a feedback. If dressed better it always follows with compliments and validation from others. But if that bought dress does not look so receive any special compliments it keeps lyeing in one corner of your closet forever.

Poor Body Image

All of us want to look pretty, thin and in shape. Some people refrain from shopping for clothes when they have gained weight or feel bad about their bodies.  For me, the opposite has been true.  When I feel unattractive or fat, I shop in the hopes of finding those “magical” clothes that will provide me with positive feelings about my body.  In essence, a person is shopping for a feeling more than for actual clothing, but any improvement they receive in their body outlook is just temporary.  For this you must know your body shape and style that looks best on you.

Peer Pressure

This is the regular phenomena in the teenager kids. Style keeps changing every now and then and these kids want to upgrade and update themselves with the trends by shopping the latest version of that clothing.
When women move out with their family and friends they land up shopping more than what they would shop by themselves. We often end up buying too much or we purchase things which really don’t work for our lifestyles or personal style aesthetic.  In addition, if our friends are buying lots of trendy new items, we don’t want to miss out or appear lacking in terms of style quotient.

Pls share your thoughts on this syndrome of over shopping….

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